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Nutritional Support and Counseling

MANIPULATION Chiropractic adjustments are unique treatments utilizing various hands on techniques to correct spinal misalignment, reduce spinal nerve irritation and add balance and harmony to your spine so you can achieve optimal health. A properly functioning nervous system is akin to a well oiled machine and since 90% of pinched nerves originate from the spine, chiropractic care is your key to healthy success.

CHIROPRACTIC CARE AND MASSAGE Chiropractors adjust or manipulate misaligned bones and joints to remove stress, especially nerve stress. Muscles attach to the bones and joints affecting alignment integrity. That is where the connection is made. By offering a choice to our patients to utilize both treatments simultaneously they receive a synergistic effect. Recovery is normally much faster. The positive results of chiropractic care lasts longer when muscle tension is released.

MASSAGE THERAPY Improves Circulation Helps muscles recover quickly from exertion and fatigue (especially from strenuous workouts) Relieves muscle spasms and cramping Breaks up scar tissue and is especially useful in the breakup of post-surgical adhesions and edema Increases range of motion by keeping ligaments and tendons supple Relieves many of the normal discomforts that a mother may experience during pregnancy

PHYSIOTHERAPY Ultrasound Electrogalvanic Stimulation Interferential Mechanical Traction Trigger Point Therapy

ACUPUNCTURE Acupuncture works by affecting the energy meridians. Good proper flow of energy reduces pain, muscle spasm and inflammation thus restoring health and harmony that allows the body to heal itself. Acupuncture is effective and beneficial in treating many conditions including: Migraine headaches Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Tennis Elbow Lower Back Pain Sciatica (Leg pain) Tendonitis/Bursitis Arthritis Sinusitis/Allergies Weight Loss and Addictions

MASSAGE MEMBERSHIP Sign uptoday for our Massage Membership and begin improving your overall health and wellness $59.00 monthly dues (6 month membership) Membership includes one 50 minute massage session and all additional 50 minute massage sessions for $39.00 (unlimited)

Nutritional Support & Counseling

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